Friday, July 4, 2014

Yo lloro hoy...

Yo lloro hoy...

Yo lloro para Yepes, para Mondrágon, y para mi selección...

Yo siento las lágrimas en mi cara... pero estas lágrimas estan lágrimas de orgullo y lágrimas de pasión y las lágrimas de esperanza...

Orgullo sobre el actitud de la selección, orgullo en el esfuerzo del muchachos y su dedicación...

La pasión de la selección, la pasión del muchachos, y la pasión del Pekerman...

Y un esperanza de que vamos a hacer historia otra vez... la proxima vez y vamos a traer la copa a la casa

'El Momento' - el mejor momento de esta copa mundial para mí fue cuando el jugadores de Brazil abrazado el muchacho James que tenía lagrimas en su ojos...

Sólo tengo respecto por ti James, tengo respecto por Sr. Pekerman y respecto por mi selección...

Sí yo siento poco triste, pero siento feliz tambien... porque es un día cuando Colombia ha probado al mundo que esta es un páis, donde la gente vive con un gran corazón, llenó con un sentimiento compartido que vamos a probar al mundo que hay muchas cosas mas sobre nosotros de lo que sabes...

!Muchas Gracias a Mi selección, gracias por tratar, y mil gracias por hacer historia!

Yo lloro, pero voy a dormir muy contento!!!

Messi, Neymar... James tu Papá

Match Day… Colombia vs Brazil… Quarter Finals J

Excited, got up at 5:30… went to my balcony… usual routine… but what I saw was so bloody unusual.

People painting their frontyard like rangolis on festivals in India, T-shirts, faces, even dog sweaters… old & Young, houses & cars and even the pets proudly wearing the tricolor – Taxi drivers, people out for a morning walk, sevurity guards, women going to the office even the cops… all painted in unison… the whole city and I am sure the whole country today…  proudly colored in Yellow, Blue & Red…

And if you miss any of these, god swear how can you… but still if you manage to, the tricolor will be right in front of you painted proudly on the face of the next person you talk to J

Crazy? No… its passion, its pride and its happiness in the heart of every person as their beloved country is getting to be known for what its people are actually made of… grit, determination and love !!!

And as I reached the office, it was the same kaleidoscopic view of this mesmerizing mix… and a smile on every face.

A slightly sheepish expectant smile, kind of the one you see on the face of children when they get to attend a grand party with all grown ups around. And rightly so, isn’t it… with some know heavyweights knocked out of the tournament, for that matter, one by them… its for the niños of Latin American Futbol – Colombia, to enjoy the Quarter Final party with two of their eldest brothers. And what fun it will be to beat one of these elders today.

And they will… ‘cos its not only a fight for a place in history, its a fight to reclaim the Yellow ;)

And, oh what grand a finale will be with the other sibling… and to bring back the Gold to where it belongs… the land of Magdalena!!

Best part, if this little dream of mine comes true… it will also prove one little nasty chant I heard after the pre-quarters victory:

Messi, Neymar – James tu Papá :D

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dream Again!!

Somehow something happened 
Somewhere someone lied
Her eyes full of dreams, were filled with tears
Felt like a deep deep wound inside

The smile that would shame a thousand suns
Was not there to be seen
She would think of it, and just ask why
Why it all had so been

The world would give her words of solace
But all she heard was a scream
The scream of a heart, a shattered heart
With a shatterred batterred dream

Sitting here just watching it all
Watching the inncoence fade away
These cruel miles, saw the lost smiles
Saw her growing bitter everyday

Couldn't hold her, couldn't be with her
And wouldn't dare ask her not to cry
'Cos in the name of the devil, had no answer
To her innocent un-asked WHY

The night is over and so is the nightmare
Gone are the clouds of the acid rain
And if I know her, even a teeny little bit
She will be over this stupid needless pain 

The feet will dance, the wings will flutter
And she will fly for the dream again
The tears tucked away, the smile back there
Damn sure... the stage will burn again!!  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lunchbox in a dropbox... & all this $#!T!!

Happened to watch 'The Lunchbox' a couple of weeks back, and oh, was it delicious ;)

It so happened that I was introduced to this old but amazing funda of file sharing through the Internet by my "tech-guru", and one of the first things that were dropped into the box was this amazing movie. What a delight to have such resourceful knowing people around.

Well, 'having people around' - that brings me to the way I felt after the movie. As I said earlier, it is a beautiful movie and plain delicious - but the same cannot be said about the aftertaste. For example, it was a sad reflection of my current life in more ways than one, like the way the guy yearns for good food, watches the telly aimlessly for hours after office (and of course either having eaten out or brought the 'outside' food home)... and the worst of all, the way he was subtly reminded of his aging old self.

I am not at all a near retirement age as the protagonist (for god's sake, I still have more than a score to reach there), but there are times when I do feel as if the vibrant, exciting, and ever-so-enthusiastic self of my past has given way to a brooding grumpy aging persona. Life for now is just a bit too boring. And there are incidents too... like this one time in the bus back from office, a young lad from my office urged me to take the seat that just got vacant... I mean, it was killing... :(

The worst part of it all, it makes me bitter... as the protagonist, and it makes me miss people. Well, I believe here is where the similarity ends... 'cos the character in the movie was way more mature than I could ever even think of being. I just can't handle all the solitude & the frustration in a... well, 'grown up' way.

The thing is that I am a people person, and I have always been... and oh do I love to talk. And all I had to speak to a live person since the morning today were three words 'backup?' - to the apartment maintenance guy, 'shave' - to the barber and 'tea' - to the panwala round the corner. Its just so frustrating... seriously

Staying away from the people I love the most in the world, its just adds up to it all, and brings the hedonistic Arian child out and makes me clingy & needy, and I do all that excessively. Hedonist I say because it's all about me then. I tend to just grab hold of the phone or a Skype session as if it's an oxygen tank for a breathing disabled, irrespective of any respect for the time of others. It's funny in a way you know, 'cos later I feel as if I am turning into that 'oh-he-called-forget-about-the-to-do-list-damn-it' kind of a guy... and then it's not even funny, rather kinda hurts...

And then I have this kinda corny "misser-missee" theory of my own, wherein whenever a misser misses the missee, it is indeed the missers own need without any thought of the fact that the missee might not be missing the misser you know… so, its hedonistic!!

But enough of it all... now, I have decided to 'grow up'. Again... some may say, but this time its serious. I mean, I am reading books, writing shit like this, watching romantic comedies with a hint of a tear in my eyes every time a heart-tugging moment comes, cooking (with a taped leakage in the cylinder)... and basically turning myself into a matured, focussed and deeply serious person like the protagonist in the movie.

In any case, the actor... the way he is built especially, has been the way I always wanted to look since my childhood... you know tall, lean & serious brooding types. Never have been successful, but then anytime is a good time to start. So for starters, I now have a moustache... and I know that the stupid nature won't allow me to be any taller but at the very least I can try to be leaner before I turn 35 this March...

Ya, I am only 34, feel a 100... and wish I am able to act at least 30 ;)

p.s. dear dear ones please don't believe this $#!t... I miss you all :P

Sunday, February 2, 2014

अब सोने को जी करता है...

जाने क्या हुआ है मुझको, क्यों रोने को जी करता है 
थका हूँ माँ अब तेरी गोद में सोने को जी करता है

बहुत चमक है जीवन में, जब आँखें चुँधियातीं हैं
सर रख गोद में अपनी, आँचल का एक किनारा दे दे
दौड़ कठिन है ये बहुत, पाँव जब लड़खड़ाते हैं 
जिस उंगली को पकड़ चला मैं, उस उंगली का सहारा दे दे 

बहुत हो गया हल्ला गुल्ला, चुप होने को जी करता है 
थका हूँ माँ अब तेरी गोद में सोने को जी करता है 

जब लगे मैं हुआ अकेला, दोस्त यार सब बिखर चले
अपनी लोरी के बोलों से, प्यार मुझे वो सारा दे दे 
चोट लगे जब मुझको गिर, उठने कि ना हिम्मत हो 
भाग लगा के सीने से मुझे, हाथों का सहारा दे दे 

सारे दर्द तेरे साये में अब, डबोने को जी करता है 
थका हूँ माँ अब तेरी गोद में सोने को जी करता है

Monday, January 27, 2014

Love at first sight… a story of 2, 12 & 22 !!

They say love at first sight is a pretty clichéd statement most suited to movies, dramas and novels. True as it might be but I must say that there have been at least 2 moments in my life when I fell in love... at the very first sight!

Of course, 2 moments notwithstanding the umpteen times I fell in "love" with just the idea of being in love. Well as a teen, one often looks at a pretty face, a lovely smile, a mysterious expression... skips a heartbeat and falls in love, not with the person to whom the above attributes belong but with the idea of being in love. But about all those "fallings", or rather 'failings' of my life... sometime later.

Today I write about the beautiful 'first sight' when I just fell in love... truly, madly, deeply if I may. Not once, but twice...

Well, most recently it happened with a dashing handsome cool guy, but much about that too later 'cos that's an experience that changed me totally and re-defined the whole 'orientation' of my life...

This was the time I was dating this wonderful girl with whom I had so much in common that it was simply amazing. It was as if we had known each other for ages and there was nothing that we could not talk about to each other. The instant comfort factor we felt with each other was pure wonderful. But thankfully, that relation was gradually built on the foundation of lots & lots of soul sharing and is in its 10th glorious year now. 

Then again, that's another interesting story for ... ya ... later ;)

Today is about the girl whose picture my girlfriend showed to me on one of our dates ... there she was with a mop of curly lush black hair on her head, a twinkle in her eyes, a mischievous smile, a cherry vanilla strawberry mix complexion ...  my girlfriend nee wife's 2 year old little sister ... one look at her and I fell in love ... and yes, my heart did skip a beat too :)

As it turned out later she was not actually a 2 year old toddler by that time, but a 12 year old sweet little chatterbox with some very serious gift of gab. And to think of it, I was going to buy a pair of beautiful, fluffy cream colored booties for her as a gift. But thank god :P 

And thank god for her … my eternal fun partner :)

Well, she does pull my leg for my discomfort in social situations and so many other things like my small and fat fingers, shorter arm length, lately my age etc. etc.  but I am sure I pull her 'leg' much much more than that ;)

That's like kinda our thing... pulling each other's legs (or cheeks :P), having loads of irrelevant talks,  go for drives... well no, that's just one of my mean ways of pestering her :P ... but it's fun, such pure fun... being with her!!

There was also a time though between the day I saw that picture and the present day when I became so self obsessed with all things material that I grew apart, so much so that I couldn't ever be there with her on any of her birthdays or performances... and in that time she grew up and she grew smart.

The little 12 year old chatterbox whose talks could not even be stopped by the roaring ruckus of the noisiest 2 stroke ride in Delhi that we two rode the first time I met her, simply grew from 'Awww' to 'Awe' ...  :D

She is now one of the most practical people that you could come across, to the extent that when told that a small gas leak in my house (my own house, mind you) could have blown the kitchen away... her reaction was simply to ask how I would prepare food (read, maggi) if so happens... yet, she does these small little things that makes one feel good.

There might not be anymore Spiderman cards on my birthday, or brutal extortion by getting my signature on a blank document by guile... but small things like getting my fav chocolate for my b'day or calling me after her exams, results, a night out or just to tell me that she saw a house with a red door and a brass knocker simply make my day.

She looks beautiful, gorgeous too (at times, you know makeup & stuff :P ), and is even known as a 'Sexy Danceaholic' but even now a look at her face and I can't stop a smile coming to me. A possibility of a serious talk between the two of us is so rare 'cos for me she will always be 2 and for her I have always been 3.

Ok, she looks a bit funny too... ;)

Infact, the only time we did have a serious discussion without smiling for more than 10 mins, it resulted in a life-changing event.

And as she celebrated her 22nd b'day this Jan the 14th, I was simply happy for the fact that though I have never been there on any of her b'days but I was there with her on the midnight of Sep the 14th... the day of her rebirth :)

Wishing you a very happy birthday sweetheart and promising you that I will keep badgering you with questions and loads & loads of bakwaas till you are 222 :P

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stuck in a Marriage not made in Heaven!!

We were both a bit shy in the beginning in accepting each other. You know, I with my macho awkwardness in approaching something supposed to be so exquisite, and she with a humble recognition of the fact that a guy from a remote & rowdy town in Western U.P. had broken down her snobbish defences. We were all that two lost souls are at the beginning of such a relationship. A relationship developed under the load of parental expectations and societal pressure.

But, I had seen the Platinum ads where a couple bound together in the same fashion as ours, would eventually find their own day of love. Being optimistic to the extent of being foolhardy and an eternal worshipper of love & romance, I decided that I would leave no stone unturned in re-defining our relationship status, to that of 'Being in Love'!

So, I worked hard towards it, day & night ;) ... and though she was a bit distant in the beginning, over a period of substantial time, she came around too... at least a bit I must say. We would spend time together, communicate to each other as much as possible, in fact I went into a state of total devotion thinking about her all the breathing moments of my life... but things were never as the one in the Platinum ad. And how could they be...
For this was one relation formed on complete opposite notions of the one thing that makes mankind superior... "Free Will" (at least, that's what they said it was in The Matrix!)

She was everything that I ever thought of... mysterious, crazy, creative, even beautiful; and in her own words, I was everything that she ever wanted in a partner... smart, decisive, dedicated and above all with a humour bone. But, at best her feeling for me could at best be described as respect and mine for her as dedication... we never did find our 'Day of Love'...

So last year, we separated and tried to live our lives the way we both always wanted... independent, free & happy. I am damn well sure I was all of this, but then there is this thing about getting comfortable with someone's presence so much so that living apart, even if in a happier state, is just not possible. So, we got back together this summer.

Today it's 6 whole months that I am back again with her... "My Exquisite IT Job", a life partner chosen by the parents... a decision driven by the mind and not the heart, and I am pretty well sure that I will never fall in Love with this...

Why, some may ask... well, maybe 'cos someone forgot to compare the horoscopes :P